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Investment Team

With a singular investment strategy to focus on, Vertium has a high concentration of talent dedicated to deliver on its equity income objective 

A blend of talent generating ideas and making investment decisions

The Vertium investment team investment team includes three members. The investment team members have an array of professional experience across the investment management industry with a range of sector coverage experience. The collective experience of the team includes names like: Investors' Mutual Limited, Mercer Investments, Morningstar, Franklin Templeton and MMC Asset Management.   

Portfolio management

While Vertium adopts a collegiate approach in its investment process, with all team members sharing research responsibilities, ultimate responsibility for portfolio decisions rest with the Chief Investment Officer, Jason Teh. 

This includes stock selection and position sizes, option strategy and overall risk management of the portfolio.


Jason Teh

Chief Investment Officer
MFin, BSc

Jason founded Vertium Asset Management in 2017 and has around 20 years’ Australian equity investment management experience. He leads Vertium’s investment team and is responsible for the firm’s investment philosophy, process and portfolio management.

Before establishing Vertium, Jason was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Investors Mutual. He was the architect of the Investors Mutual Equity Income Fund, which he successfully managed for almost six years. As the second-longest serving employee at Investors Mutual spanning over 16 years, he had a variety of roles including managing a share of the Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund and as an Equity Analyst and Senior Quantitative Analyst.

Denis Donohue Photo2_edited.png

Denis Donohue

Portfolio Manager

Denis joined Vertium in 2024 as a Portfolio Manager and is a seasoned investment manager with 34 years of industry experience.


Previously at Pentalpha Investment Management, he held leadership roles including Head of Investments. His diverse career spans founding a boutique investment firm, leading Australian equities across multiple firms (Suncorp, Solaris, Pentalpha), and tackling various GICS industy sectors. Donohue's background encompasses equities analysis, portfolio management, as well as equities and derivatives trading.


Daniel Mueller

Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst

BCom, GDipAppFin, CA, CFA

Daniel joined Vertium Asset Management in 2017 as a Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst and brings with him nearly 15 years’ Australian equity investment management experience. At Vertium, Daniel assists the CIO and is responsible for researching and analyzing Australian companies.

Prior to Vertium, Daniel was a Senior Equities Analyst / Portfolio Manager at Forager Funds where he was responsible for assisting with Forager’s Australian equities portfolio.

Before Forager, Daniel held similar roles at Morningstar, Northward Capital, Investors Mutual, Cannae Capital and MMC Asset Management.


Trent Crawley

Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst 


Trent joined Vertium in 2017 as an Equity Analyst. He has around seven years’ investment management experience. At Vertium, Trent is responsible for researching and analyzing Australian companies.

Before joining Vertium, Trent was a Trader at Franklin Templeton Investments Australia and an Investment Analyst at Mercer Investments.

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